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XmlRpcClient.dll is C++ implementation of the XML-RPC protocol for the Symbian platform. It implements client functionality and provides an easy to use API. The user of this library will use it to build an in-memory representation of a XML-RPC request, and serialize (encode) that request into XML. Then send the encoded request to the server via XmlRpcClient’s API. The server will de-serialize the request, call the appropriate registered method and generate a response. The response will be serialized into XML and sent back to the client. The client will de-serialize it into memory, and inform the user about the results via API.


Main features of the library are:

  • an XML-RPC client for accessing XML-RPC services,
  • it provides an easy to use API for Symbian developers,
  • ideal for small devices like smart phones,
  • supports serializing of application's native C and C++ data structures,
  • string pools used to reduce string comparison,
  • SAX parser used for parsing XML.

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Registered on on Feb 17, 2010